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About Me

Welcome to carriewightmanfitness.com! I’m Carrie Wightman. I am a single mother to my beautiful daughter Paige and our dog Sunny.  For the past 20 +  years, I have devoted my life to fitness and the wellbeing of my clients while juggling a corporate career.  Three years ago I decided to go full steam ahead to make my fitness dreams a reality. I started personal training and teaching at every gym across the Main Line like Flywheel, Philly Sports Club, and Lifetime just to name a few!  All the while I began my career at QVC nine years ago as an on-air fitness expert. I combined my sales skills and fitness experience to represent products.  I found passion in representing products that I could see were changing people’s lives!

With my whole career centered around wellness, I knew I had to step up when Covid-19 struck the nation.  I wanted to expand upon my weekend Carrie’s Boot Camps since we could no longer meet in person. I began #carriescoronaworkouts on Instagram live in March 2020 when we went into a nationwide quarantine.  With people confined to their homes, I wanted to give them an escape and a way to stay active.  I could not believe the reactions I received from this!  I had followers reaching out to me, thanking me for helping them sculpt their bodies in ways they never believed possible.  In some cases I had followers lose up to 30 pounds in two months.  This information was too big not to act on.  I pride myself on creating results driven workouts and this was proof that they actually worked on a macro level!  My followers inspired me to create carriewightmanfitness.com as a digital fitness platform providing an on-demand library of classes and virtual live classes.

My classes range from 20 to 60 minutes and require little to no equipment. My training philosophy is “Smart Fitness”.  We are all juggling work, family, health, and a million other things. It is my belief that if we workout “smart” (just 20 minutes a day in some cases) our health and wellbeing will dramatically improve.   You don’t need to devote your entire life to working out to see and feel real results.  My workouts are designed to provide results even if you can only get in a few minutes of a workout a day.  My goal is to lengthen, lean, sculpt, and most of all, strengthen!  My workouts are unlike any other,  my energy and variety is specifically coordinated to work every part of the body at different times to ensure that your whole body is transforming.  I’ve watched my own body transform and seen the results of countless followers.   I hope you’ll join me in building your dream body at any age!

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